Comes with miso soup or house salad and white rice 

Mango Chicken


Sautéed chicken with fresh mango, onion, bell pepper and our mango sauce

Gen Tao’s Chicken


chicken stir-fried with peppers and peapods in a sweet citrus sauce

Sweet and Sour Chicken


Thai or Chinese Style stir-fry with pineapples and bell peppers

Honey Garlic Chicken


Breaded chicken stir-fried with a honey sauce and garlic

Sesame Chicken


Breaded chicken stir-fried with sesame seeds

Chicken Katsu


Panko crust chicken breast deep fried and served with a Japanese BBQ sauce

Sweet Dream


Grilled chicken breast topped with our homemade peanut sauce

Lovely Duck


Crispy duck topped with your choice of ginger, basil, or chili sauce